Kaile T'ai Chi


The Fundamental Concepts

Kaile ("KAI-leh"): doorway or gateway to happiness. In Chinese, Kai Le does not have the sense of a portal to another dimension, but I choose to define these essays as exactly that.

WHAT: Kaile T’ai Chi is a way to accelerate your progress in any style of T’ai Chi, and keep those gains as you age. It is not a new school of T’ai Chi, or the evolution of one of the traditional schools like Chen, Wu, or Yang; it is a system, not a style. In biology terms, think of it as an enzyme – a biological accelerator, an enabler to better T'ai Chi.

Kaile T’ai Chi accelerates your learning by going deeper into classic training. It does not accomplish this by taking shortcuts, by “quick and easy” methods, or adding the latest fad exercises to your practice.

Kaile T'ai Chi is a way to focus on your development. It will probably mean far, far less hours on the road to mastering T’ai Chi – or, if fully mastering the art is not your interest, at least to making T’ai Chi part of your life. It may even be easier than your current T’ai Chi training methods – though I am not offering or promising that. The point is that for most students it goes deeper, sooner.

HOW: this system works because it is a synthesis of long-tested methods from Taoism, Buddhism, and traditional arts – dance and music in particular.

WHY: If there is a single thing that most motivated me to write these articles, it is the memory of those rare beginning students with an almost desperate look in their eyes, calling out “teach me!” I wish I had done so more often; now I would like to give back something beyond what you might get in a typical T’ai Chi class – not only T’ai Chi skill, but more internal energy, better well-being, and a longer healthier life.

Nicholas Carson